What is FormTyper? PaperPort form typer What is FormTyper?

FormTyperTM is a PaperPort program that enables you to fill in forms, such as insurance forms, registration cards, and medical forms, that you scan to the PaperPort desktop. It utilizes the Nuance technology called Logical Form RecognitionTM to do this.

You simply drag a form image from the PaperPort desktop to the FormTyper program on the Send To bar. The form is converted to PDF if necessary, it is opened in your Nuance PDF program, where FormTyper automatically analyzes the form, recognizes the blank areas in which data can be entered, and creates blank fields for the data. So that you can easily see where to enter data, FormTyper underlines each field in color.

You can quickly reposition fields, insert new fields, and remove fields as necessary.

After you enter data and complete the form, save the form to the PaperPort desktop so that you can print or e-mail the form in its entirety with its completed data. Alternatively you can create an unfilled active PDF form ready to be distributed by e-mail or published on the web.

Valid input

Forms scanned to PDF or other image file types are valid input, as are static image forms (e.g. TIFF or BMP files) or forms designed in Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect that are saved to PDF with Nuance PDF Create or a similar application.

Drag a form file from the PaperPort desktop onto the  FormTyper icon PaperPort form typer What is FormTyper? in the Send To Bar. If it is not already a PDF the program asks your consent to convert it; then places active form controls and opens the result in PDF Viewer Plus or PDF Converter Professional.


Choose PaperPort formtyper tb What is FormTyper? in the Form toolbar, or PaperPort formtyper orgpanel What is FormTyper? in the Form Controls panel (in the Navigator) to start FormTyper inside PDF Viewer Plus or PDF Converter Professional.

The Form Controls panel in your Nuance PDF program lists all form controls found on the form. Specify the OCR language to improve the LFR detection and label generation. Go to Edit > Preferences > Forms for more form display choices.


If you run FormTyper on a form that already has active controls, these will be deleted and replaced.



What is FormTyper?