Modifying fields

After running FormTyper on a static form, you should inspect the generated form controls in your Nuance PDF application and modify them if necessary before filling or distributing the form.

The seven possible field types in a PDF form that already has active controls were presented in Filling in active forms. FormTyper can auto-detect check boxes and text fields (including comb boxes). In PDF Viewer Plus, you can manually add check boxes and text fields. In PDF Converter Professional, all seven field types can be added: checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, signature fields, list boxes, combo boxes and comb boxes.

To add elements to a form:

Choose the desired tool from the Form toolbar and drag the cursor to create a form field of the desired size. A properties dialog box appears so you can customize the control.


To move or resize form elements:

To move or resize a form element, double-click the field name in the Form Controls panel or select the appropriate form button in the Form toolbar. All controls of the chosen type appear. Catch handles to move or resize the controls.

To align and distribute form controls:

To align form objects to a uniform left, right, top or bottom position or to center them, select at least two and use the shortcut menu. To distribute form objects so they are spaced evenly, select at least three objects and use the shortcut menu.

To define control properties:

As each form control is drawn the appropriate Form Control Properties dialog box appears so you can set line and text color and thickness and other settings. Actions can be linked to controls. For checkboxes and radio buttons you can define the shape that denotes a selected control and an export value for the selected state. Right-click an existing control and select Properties to modify the properties. To unify the properties of a set of controls, select them with Shift + click or Ctrl + click and select Properties from the shortcut menu.



Modifying fields